Endo Diet

I recently started following the Endo Diet and I'll be planning my meals according to it with some additions for my husband who doesn't want or need to fully follow it.  The Endo Diet is supposed to help reduce the inflammation of caused by Endometriosis.

 The guidelines for the Endo Diet are:
-no red meat
-no dairy
-no eggs
-no soy
-no gluten (wheat, barley, rye)
-no sugar
-no caffeine

So here what you can have:
-fruits and vegetables
-chicken and seafood
-alternative milks like coconut milk and almond milk (all except soy milk)
-rice and other grains like quinoa and millet, and pastas and breads made from gluten-free grains
(egg alternatives are probably the hardest part of the diet)

I checked out a couple of books of gluten-free recipes.  The one I found most helpful was the Gluten Free Vegan, since the recipes either don't have dairy or work with an alternative milk, like coconut milk and I can add in chicken or seafood.  Endo Resolved has a cookbook of Recipes for the Endo Diet that's available as an e-book.

I'm working on finding a muffin recipe that I like for breakfast since I take my breakfast to work.  When I find something, I'll post it on the blog.

For lunch, I usually have soup and/or a grain and vegetables.  Both the Gluten Free Vegan and Recipes for the Endo Diet have some good soup recipes.  For the grain and vegetables, I make up some quinoa, millet or rice and cut up some vegetables (I usually use broccoli and carrots) and saute them (with the grain if it was made previously.